We are back!

JANUARY 19th TO 30th 2022


Back for the 2022 edition!

Next winter, TRIBUTE will bring a craft spirits festival to Banff & Lake Louise!

From January 19th to 30th, 2022, the TRIBUTE Craft Spirits Celebration will feature the best craft distilleries from Alberta and British Columbia, as well as showcase the local cocktail and food scene, with special cocktail menus at all participating restaurants.

More information published soon,
or contact info@tributetocraft.com


The TRIBUTE Craft Spirits Celebration main event is in an outdoor 2-day discovery event in downtown Banff.

The outdoor tasting experience will allow you to discover restaurants and bars from Banff and Lake Louise, as well as craft distilleries from Alberta and British Columbia, in a festive atmosphere.

Other exclusive events will also be available only during the festival and will allow you to get to know the craft distilleries better as well as the local restaurants and bars!

Come back soon for a complete list of events! 

Cocktail MENUS

Participating bars and restaurants will create cocktails showcasing local craft spirits, available only during the celebration.

These venues celebrate the craft cocktail culture and the vibrant local culinary scene.