Eau Claire Parlour Gin

Eau Claire Parlour Gin

Made by:

Eau Claire Distillery Ltd.

113 Sunset Boulevard NW Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada T0L 2A0


2019 Cocktail creations

2020 cocktail creations will be announced soon.

Apple, Elderflower and What Not

Eau Claire Parlour Gin Elderflower Liqueur Fresh apple Peach Shrub Fresh Lemon Juice Mint

The Marmalade Cat

Eau Claire Parlour Gin Dry Vermouth Fresh Lime Juice CRMR Kitchen Orange Marmalade Orange Bitters Egg Whites Soda Mint Leaf Orange Twist

Alpine Lemonade

A refreshing easy drinking cocktail, best suited for a hot day or out in the sun on the ski slopes.